Welcome to Four Mile Farm

A love of Mammoth donkeys (and Mules) is at the root of this enterprise. "What do you use them for" is the first question people ask (see FAQ page). We are located near Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada and have been raising this rare breed of donkey since 2006. We produce 3 - 4 well socialized large donkeys per year.  Prices range from $1000 to $1800 for a donkey from us (see "For Sale" pages). You are paying for the breeding, the hundreds of hours of handling & training, the vet bills, the feed ..... the donkey is free!  Our donkeys come from breeding stock in Alberta, Minnesota & Texas. Most of our animals are registered either with the Canadian Donkey & Mule Association (CDMA) or with American Mammoth Jackstock Registry (AMJR). See the "Our Donkeys" page.
Our donkeys trailer load, are used to having their feet trimmed & cleaned, have been wormed and given the recommended immunizations. They live in a spacious, safe environment, are used to being groomed & handled and should lead well. They are all good natured & friendly. Most of them have had pack gear on, some we ride, some we can drive and some have been in parades. Each is unique with his / her own personality but they are affectionate and we love them. They are all part of our family!